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10 August 2008 @ 09:20 pm
Secret indulgences...  
So, everyone has them. What are yours? What are some things that you blow some cash on because it makes you feel good?

Mine are:
Cosmopolitan and Marie Claire magazines. I love them for their fun articles and the fashion sections showing off all the latest handbags which leads me to my next one.
Purses. I'm obsessed with them. Whether Marc Jacobs, Prada, Lucky, or Liz Claiborne. I love them all. I admit to spending $150 on the Lucky Patchwork Handbag. I can't afford the Marc Jacobs or Prada, but I can wish. And I'm pretty good about using my handbags till they fall apart. Number one purse I want: Hermes Birkin Bag in patent red alligator.
Romance Stories Yes, I know. But I do indulge in a good Sandra Brown or Lavyrle Spence. Also, love the Christian romances by Lawana Blackwell, Lisa Tawn Bergren, and Sally Laity. I love to read and I'm currently reading once again my very worn copy of Scarlett by Alexandra Ripley.
Clinique. I love their Take the Day Off Makeup remover and the Rinse Off Foaming facial cleanser. And honestly after price comparing and seeing how long this stuff lasts and how well it does with my skin, it is comparable to spending it on anything Covergirl or whoever else that doesn't work as well for me. I don't generally buy the makeup, but when I purchase the cleansers I always do it during bonus time!
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