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01 October 2008 @ 12:31 pm
Life and living it.  
Had my third epidural this year yesterday. Stayed home again today because I'm really sore. I hate having to take the time off of work, because they're is a ridiculous amount of work to be done at my job, but it'll all be okay. My back sucks. I have one herniated disc, I don't know how my dad works, walks, anything with four. I'm truly not a wimp about pain either.

Wedding plans are going well. We've hired the caterer and picked a menu and hired the dj. I think things are going along very smoothly. Daniel and I are planning on registering soon. I'm working on our website www.danielandhaley.net if you'd like to check it out. Things are going pretty smoothly. I bought my dress weekend before last and am very excited about it. It's gorgeous. My mother cried when she saw me in it. We got a really good deal on it too. The dress shop was selling off all it's sample pieces, so we got my $1200 dress for 50% off. Yay!

Things are pretty good with the family. Lindsey's second pregnancy is progressing well, although she's having some problems with sciatica. Riley turned one year old on the 20th and gets cuter everyday. Chase might actually be home by the end of the month.

Life is busy as usual. Hope everyone else is doing good.
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